Do you think Canva is a fantastic design tool for non-designers? Are you sure you want to promote it? Do you have an audience that is interested in the design industry? If so, this blog post is for you because I’ll show you how to make a lot of money using the Canva affiliate program.

Do you love Canva?
Do you love Canva?

Does Canva have an Affiliate Program?

This blog post will provide a summary of the Canva affiliate program as well as my affiliate case study. By the conclusion of this blog post, you should be able to start making money by marketing the Canva Pro membership without difficulty.

This article also teaches you how to make $650 or more monthly by promoting Canva affiliates. Doesn’t it sound both exhilarating and hopeful? Let’s get this celebration underway as soon as possible.

Canva Affiliate Program
Canva Affiliate Program

Canva Affiliate Program: Introduction

Canva, a superb design tool for non-designers, was founded by Melanie Perkins in 2012. Since then, it has gained much traction in the design world. That is why it has a global user base of over 18 million people.

As you’ve seen, this has great potential to reach out to a lot of people. To do this, Canva offers Canva affiliate program. Make an impact as an internet marketer and savor your slice of cake.

Canva uses impact technology to provide the program to its affiliates. If you join the program, you’ll earn 80% on the first two months of Canva Pro and 25% on the annual membership. That’s a substantial sum. Isn’t that so?

If you’re a blogger, email marketer, or social media personality, you can dominate your Canva affiliate program. You’ll soon start generating money with Canva affiliate since you have so many options to market it. In the next sections, I’ll go through some of these alternatives.

Canva Affiliate Earnings.

Canva Affiliate Program gives out varying amounts to various affiliates. Some people earn a few bucks, while others earn hundreds of dollars. As an affiliates, you may earn up to $36 for each Pro membership sign-up.

Canva affiliate earnings may be viewed in further detail here:

• Payment methods: various options, including PayPal and bank transfers, are available.

• Commission Rate: 15% for monthly memberships and 80% for yearly subscriptions

• Affiliate Technology Company: Impact.

Here’s a little secret: I made roughly $119 through Canva affiliate program in one month. And I’m on my way to increase it to $650 with sponsored advertising. This will be explained more in the case study part of this blog article. For the time being, allow me to go over the software with you.

Canva Affiliate Program Evaluation.

Canva affiliate program provides an amazing opportunity for marketers to earn money by promoting Canva Pro. It provides you with all of the knowledge and resources you need to succeed as an affiliates. Cookie length, commission rates, and email addresses are all mentioned in the program.

Canva Affiliate Program commission rate is without a doubt outstanding, at 15% for yearly memberships and 80% for monthly subscriptions. You may also make use of its deep linking, advertising banners, and other promotional content.

Let me now discuss the disadvantages of Canva affiliate program. The program’s 30-day cookie length is significantly shorter than that of most other programs on the market today. Canva is picky about approving affiliates, with only a 43% acceptance rate.

Overall, Canva affiliate program is an appealing bargain for digital marketers, particularly those in the design business.

How to Begin with the Canva Affiliate Program

Begin with the Canva Affiliate
Begin with the Canva Affiliate

To begin with the Canva affiliate program, you must first apply for it on Impact. You only start making money with it if the Canva team accepts your application.

The program’s eligibility requirements are straightforward:

• You have a sizable following (on social media or another digital marketing platform) and are prepared to promote Canva throughout your marketing channels.

1. Go to the Canva affiliate website and click the ‘Join Now button. You will be sent to the program’s Impact page. If you already have an Impact account, you may select Canva from the list of brands.

Canva affiliate
Canva affiliate

2. Enter all of your personal and audience information. Be truthful and supply as much information as is requested or encouraged.

personal and audience
personal and audience
personal and audience
personal and audience

3. Await permission. Let Canva know how you intend to promote the Pro subscription to increase your chances of inclusion into the program.

4. You will receive an email within 48-72 hours confirming whether you are an approved Canva affiliate program or not. Unsuccessful apps have grounds like ‘your platform is too new, too tiny, or lacks design relevance.

5. Begin marketing Canva affiliate links if your application is accepted. To do so, navigate to ‘My brands’ and pick Canva. Choose between an HTML code and a tracking link. The HTML code relates to Canva ‘Ads/Banners.’ Select an eye-catching banner or copy and paste your tracking link into the appropriate area.

I propose that you first learn the Pro features to increase your affiliate commissions.

It would also assist if you used the Pro version. In addition, I’ll guide you through seven terrific strategies to market the Canva Pro membership in a smooth manner.

7 Ways to Promote Canva and Earn $650 or More Each Month

I want to run advertising to promote Canva in order to earn $650 or more each month. However, there are other ways to market Canva Pro. Let’s go locate them right now.

1. Post Canva lessons on social media, such as YouTube, and include your canva affiliate link.

2. Create blog entries that benefit designers and non-designers alike, and include your canva affiliate link.

3. Add a banner to your header or sidebar

4. Share your Canva efficiency tips and techniques in Facebook groups and Insta Reels.

5. Create short videos using TikTok and share your Canva affiliate referral link.

6. Pin blog articles that Canva has pushed.

7. Provide value to your list while sending emails to them.

Also, have a look at this approach for generating traffic rapidly.

Yes, it’s that simple. Canva, on the other hand, accepts around 43% of people that apply. As a result, my advice is to begin by establishing your audience. It will be beneficial if you have a template significant target audience.

However, really believe you like this HISHEDU article. Please let me know in the comments if you’d want to become a Canva affiliate.

Affiliate marketing FAQ..

Go to and click the "Join Now" button. You will be routed to Canva Pro's Impact network program. Create an Impact account, fill in your details, and begin earning money by sharing your trackable link with your audience.

You'll need affiliate links once you've created your Impact account and joined the Canva Pro referral program. To do so, go to my brands under your Impact account, pick 'Canva,' and then select a template.

You'll need affiliate links once you've created your Impact account and joined the Canva Pro referral program. To do so, go to my brands under your Impact account, pick 'Canva,' and then select a template.

A trackable connection You may also find the Canva referral link on the right side of your Canva dashboard.

Canva can let you generate money in various ways, including affiliate marketing and graphic design for your clients. With their affiliate program, you may earn up to $36 for each Pro sign-up. A one-time commission is earned for a yearlong Pro subscription.

Canva is intrigued by your ability. That's why it inquires about the type of partner you have. Choose 'Content' if you're a blogger, 'Social Media/Influencer' if you have a significant social following, and 'Email' if you have a massive email list.


If your company is small or medium-sized, you may alternatively choose 'Service Provider/Tool' or 'Consumer Software/Technology.'

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